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All orders in Lithuania and Europe will be delivered by DPD company in 3-5 work days. Non-Europians countries only by Lietuvos pastas. Please be patient because it takes  longer, i.e. 2-3 weeks. It depends on customs procedures and etc.

    1.1. The Document regulates rights, obligations and responsibility of the Seller and Buyer (Customer) while buying goods at the e-shop ‘Juozas Statkevicius’;
    1.2. The following terms and conditions are applied to the web site mentioned above including connection and buying activities. The terms and conditions hereinafter may be changed anytime without any additional notice;
    1.3. We do not sell our goods in any internet auction such as eBay, etc. Therefore we are not able to verify the quality and authenticity of any products of the brand of Juozas Statkevicius;
1.4. The term ‘work day’ excludes weekends, bank holidays and holidays of the Republic of Lithuania. 
    2.1. Seller: JSC " Fashion House Juozas Statkevicius ", Pamėnkalnio str. 2-1, 01116  Vilnius, Lithuania, Company Code 1258258344, Phone No. +370 68725498,  e-mail: ;
    2.2. Buyer (Customer) is any person who visits the e-shop and is considered to be a potential Buyer (Customer); 
    2.3. The term ‘we’ hereinafter including all forms derived from it means the Seller which is the owner of the goods and services and the term ‘you’ hereinafter including all forms derived from it means any person visiting the e-shop as a potential Customer.   


3.1.In order to buy goods a Buyer has to mark them and put in a virtual shopping bag;
3.2. Buyer has to present the information that is necessary to fulfill the order, i.e. name, surname, phone number, delivery address and other necessary information;
3.3. The moment when Buyer presses the button of order confirmation is considered to be the moment of conclusion of the agreement;
3.4. When Buyer gets confirmation by e-mail from the Seller it is considered that the Seller has accepted the order; 
3.5. The Buyer obliges to pay the price and delivery charges for goods ordered in the e-shop;
3.6. In case Buyer does not pay for the goods ordered, the order will be cancelled in 1 day;

3.7. Buyer can pay for the goods purchased in our e-shop only by electronic bank transfer service at;

 3.11. Buyer commits to pay the charges related to change and/or return of goods. In case goods are with defects, the Seller commits to pay the delivery charges for change and/or return of goods and replace the defected goods with goods without defects;   

3.12. In case Buyer presents incorrect information or delivery address Buyer commits to refund all expenses suffered by the Seller and related to delivery;

3.13. The Buyers from non-European Union countries oblige to pay all import, customs and/or mediation taxes for the goods delivery. Buyer is responsible for information and/or documents presented to customs office in order goods are delivered properly and on time. We recommend Buyers to ask customs office in advance about total price of goods including customs taxes.     

4.1. In case Buyer has any questions Buyer may contact our Customer Service and send questions by e-mail;
4.2. The Seller obliges to answer the questions as soon as possible. 
5.1. Personal information and data presented by Buyer are used for orders only;
5.2. The Seller can arrange questionnaires for the e-shop promotion purposes and ask Buyer for his/her opinion about it;
5.3. Seller can send information to Buyer about products, services, sales and special offers;
5.4. In case Buyer does not want to get any marketing information Buyer has to inform the Seller’s Customer Service;
5.5. Buyer agrees as follows;
5.5.1. Seller can contact Buyer by e-mail or phone;
5.5.2. Buyer’s contact information can be given to Delivery Company in order to contact Buyer for goods delivery purposes; 
5.6. Buyer agrees with terms and conditions of the Sellers e-shop including transfer of Buyer’s information to delivery service company; 
5.7. Buyer’s information will be used for the following purposes;
5.7.1. For delivery of Buyer’s order;
5.7.2. For additional Seller’s offers to Buyer by e-mail;
5.8. All kind of information presented by Buyer is used only following legal protection Law of Personal Information Data of the Republic of Lithuania;
5.9. Buyer has the right to present a written application to Seller’s Customer Service in order to request all Buyer’s personal data that is disposed by the Seller; 
5.10. Seller obliges to transfer the information presented by Buyer through safe internet connection channels;
5.11. Informational data of Buyer is codified by Seller using SSL (secure sockets layer). The Seller obliges to replace and renew the technology in case of necessity and ensure the highest level of security of personal data of Buyer;  
5.12. Buyer obliges to ensure that he/she closes all web windows and is disconnected from the e-shop when finishes the process of buying or visiting the e-shop. These actions will ensure the safety of Buyer’s personal information data. 
5.13. Buyer obliges to keep passwords in secret and to have a different password for every account;
5.14. In cases you have to create a password the Seller recommends to use combination of letters and numbers. It is also recommended not to use usual words or expressions such as your name, address, birth date and other information that can be easily guessed. In order to ensure the highest level of safety of your personal data it is recommended to change your password regularly. 
    6.1. Buyer in no cases should abuse the e-shop. Buyer agrees as follows;
    6.1.1. Not to force or incite anybody to do a crime;
    6.1.2. Not to spread any harmful or sabotage information for example viruses; 
    6.1.3. Not to destroy the integrity of the web site including but not limited to breaking in the data base, data distortion, disturbing other users to use the web site, disrespect of private rights, sending of advertising and/or marketing material and trying to change computer service programs of the computers connected to the web site, not to destroy the integrity of the web site;
    6.1.4. To follow the laws of copyright and not to copy and/or use any contents, pictures and/or photos of the web site without advance consent of the Seller; 
    6.2. The Seller is not responsible for any losses or harm caused by viruses and/or other technological processes that can be made to Buyer’s computer including but not limited to specific programs, data and/or other information;
    6.3. The Seller reserves the right to block any account in case of suspicion of sabotage or harmful activities or in case Buyer has violated the Buying Rules including direct violation and improper usage of the Rules. 
    7.1. The Seller obliges to ensure accessibility of information on the web site. In case the view of the web site does not correspond to your needs or references are not proper Buyer can inform the Seller about this situation and Seller can do necessary repairs. The Seller recommends Buyer to install the newest versions of browsers and Adobe Flash program. 
    8.1. The Seller and Buyer oblige not to reveal any conditions of the Document to the third parties except state, government and law institutions having the right set by laws to get such kind of information; 
    8.2. All disputes, disagreements or claims arising from cooperation of the Seller and Buyer or related to them should be solved by negotiations in 15 business days from the date of a claim. In case it is impossible to reach an agreement between the parties, the disputes, disagreements or claims should be solved in accordance with the order set by laws of the Republic of Lithuania. 


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