ACCESORY CARE RECOMMENDATIONS 



Bijouterie accessories can be returned in 14 days. Guarantee is applied for 14 days from the date of receipt of an item. Guarantee to bijouterie will not be applied in case accessories are damaged. 

Care of Bijouterie 

Do not keep your bijouterie accessories in direct sun light. Accessories can lose their color and shine due to direct sun rays. The best place to keep your bijouterie accessories is in console, commode or separate drawer. If you have an opportunity – keep your accessories in separate boxes. 

It’s recommended to have sun baths without accessories. 

Bijouterie accessories can oxidize and lose their color and shine when affected by humidity. For keeping of accessories avoid humid places because humidity can cause corrosion. Take off all your accessories before you go bathing in the sea, lake or river. You can lose rings because fingers become thinner in cold water. You can lose chains and/or earrings while swimming in a wavy sea. 


Do not spray any perfumes directly on accessories. It is recommended to clean accessories with dry cosmetic napkin as soon as you take them off. If you want to keep your accessories nice as long as possible clean them with dry napkin carefully and periodically. 



Jewelry cannot be returned nor changed on the basis of the Order No. 217 (dated 29 June 2001) of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania. 


Care of jewelry 

Gold is a precious metal of high resistance to time and external influence. In spite of this the surface of gold accessories is quite soft especially if gold is of higher assay standard. Therefore gold accessories should be protected from scratches. 

It’s recommended to clean gold and silver accessories with special napkins. 

It’s not recommended to wear jewelry while doing household or outside works because chemicals, soil or working tools can damage the surface of accessories. 

It’s recommended to use body lotions, sun creams only after taking off accessories because the accessories are sensitive to any body care products and can change their color, lose shine and look like very old.  Also it’s recommended not to spray any perfumes on accessories. 



Use your cosmetics and perfumes before putting your pearls on.   

After wearing pearls clean them properly with soft material scrap in order to remove residuals of cosmetics and skin grease.

Wash pearls in soft soap water and leave them to dry on a piece of soft fabrics. 

Avoid situations when surface of pearls can be scratched or damaged. 

Do not keep pearls closed hermetically because they can dehydrate. 

Do not keep pearls in very high temperature or in direct sun rays. 

Avoid pearls from vinegar, acids, cleaners with ammonium or chlorine, whitener or ink. 



  1. Choose your shoes according to shape and size of feet so that feet are not squeezed. 
  2. Use shoehorns while putting shoes on in order to keep safe heel seams. 
  3. New shoes should be impregnated in order to save them from external influences. In case of humid weather shoes should be impregnated a few times per week. 
  4. Genuine leather shoes should be cleaned with special cleaners: humid napkin or shoe cleaning balsam. Do not wash shoes with water. 
  5. Genuine leather shoes are sensitive to water and rain. Do not wear wet shoes. 
  6. Dry shoes in room temperature. Do not dry genuine leather shoes near to open fire, heating appliances or stove because genuine leather will become too dry, hard and brittle. 
  7. Take care of genuine suede and nubuck shoes and clean with special cleaners only.
  8. You can wear patent leather shoes when maximal temperature is minus 5 degrees.
  9. Patent leather shoes and bright color shoes can change their color under the influence of direct sun rays. 
  10. It’s recommended to watch condition of shoes and repair them on time. 
  11. Protect the shoes from sharp things in order to avoid scratches on shoe surface, from chemical products, acids, solvents, etc. 
  12. IMPORTANT ! Mechanical scratches, i.e. worn out lower pats of heels, wear of shoes,  defects appeared due to ignorance of shoe care rules as well as light defects having no influence on exploitation of the shoes are not considered as defects.  
  13. The guarantee does not cover small repairs, replaceable decoration details, heels, and inner soles. 
  14. ATTENTION ! The guarantee does not cover shoe decoration elements, for instance buckles, bows, spangles, beads, etc. 
  15. Money will not be refunded in case shoes were worn for some time and it appeared that size and/or model of the shoes did not match or shoes appeared to be not comfortable. 




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